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Issam Khoury

            I am a Syrian journalist, writer, and researcher for +15 years, and have written hundreds of journal articles on terrorism, politics, sustainable development, human rights, minorities in the Middle East, and religious schools in Syria and the Arab world.


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I was a target of harassment from the Syrian regime in my country, especially since my writing and civil activism focused on supporting democracy and freedom in the Arab region. Two novels were censored from publishing, and one was withdrawn from libraries in 2002. In “2009”, I was prevented from traveling for “two and a half” years as part of the movement to restrict freedoms pursued by the Syrian government against well-known civil society activists in Syria, and in 2011 I was the first journalist covering the events of the Syrian revolution. I was beaten and then arrested for 27 days in September 2012. After my release, I moved to Lebanon, where I continued my work as a journalist in the Al-Joumhouria newspaper and started training Syrian civil society activists. I trained a large number of journalists and citizen journalists to cover the news, but the Lebanese government, dominated by the Hezbollah Party, prevented me from continuing my work, which prompted me to travel to the United States in May 2014.

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